5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Know Your Business Broker Personally and Professionally

Many firms offer impersonal services that fail to account for the unique needs and wants of a business owner. To these firms, clients are just a faceless name. This attitude can lead to frustrating communication breakdowns and an overall low sense of satisfaction for a client.


Firms that offer truly personalized service understand that this practice extends far beyond token customer service gestures. Genuine personalized service allows the broker to better serve their clients in order to provide them the best possible outcome during their business purchase, sale or exit planning process.


Discover five reasons why it’s important to have a personal and professional relationship with your business broker, and the benefits you can reap from such a relationship.

1. An Ability to Account for Personal and Subjective Preferences

Business owners take a great deal of pride in their operations, and for very good reason. When it comes time to expand their operations or, conversely, act on an exit strategy, this sense of parental ownership can sometimes cause us to make decisions that we can only explain on an emotional level.


While a typical impersonal business brokerage in Nevada may try to dismiss these concerns, one that strives to understand you personally can help to account for these subjective and personal preferences to the betterment of the end goal.


For example, someone who is wary about the type of person to whom they sell their business may not just be worried about their own personal ego and legacy. They may also care very deeply about how their business impacts the community at large, or its ability to continue taking care of loyal workers. These are both highly valid concerns that should not be overlooked.


2. An Attention to Detail

Without a strong relationship between broker and business owner, many details can get lost in the fold. Jamie Schwartz prevents these oversights by listening closely to her clients. She follows up on any unique problems they might encounter based on their specific situation and needs.


3. Motivation to Go the Extra Mile

Having a business broker who is uncommitted to your needs is like having a lawyer who is driven to settle and get a case over with, no matter how unfair the outcome. A business broker needs to be motivated to go the extra mile for their clients. Jamie Schwartz always strives to meet your intended goals rather than trying to convince you to settle for less than you had hoped. If this means holding a listing on the market longer than expected, she is willing to do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction.


4. Honesty in All Situations

A lack of honesty and transparency are also issues that can arise from impersonal brokerages. If your broker seems to be stroking your ego, they’re still likely ignoring your valid concerns. Instead of telling you what you want to hear, Jamie Schwartz focuses on the entirety of the current market situation and can identify problems that would otherwise snag your business plans.


If, for example, she feels that you have valued a particular asset of your business too high or too low, she will not hesitate to offer advice on those actions. Having a business broker committed to your best interest is essential.


5. A Continuing Relationship After the Sale

Follow-through is a critical part of customer service that is sorely lacking in this day and age. Far too many business brokerages are of the “one and done,” variety, and act as though after they perform a single service, they no longer have time for you in their schedule.


On the other hand, a brokerage firm like Schwartz Strategy & Valuation offers truly personalized service understanding the importance of building a relationship with the clients. When it comes to a business transaction or an exit strategy, Jamie Schwartz makes sure that you can be happy with the long-term outcome. If not, she can help you take steps to improve your situation or embark on other ventures.


Work with a Business Broker in Nevada Who Has a Personal Touch

Jamie Schwartz is always willing to take on new clients and go the extra mile to ensure that they are satisfied. If you have any questions about what her business brokerage services can offer you, then please read the business broker FAQ page, and do not hesitate to contact her if you have any further questions.

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