Technology Business: Do You Know How to Assess the Value of Yours?

Technology Business

Just like with creating new technology, assessing the value of your business can be more of an art than a science. You might need an expert opinion to get an exact estimate, because assessing the value of your technology business can depend on a wide variety of factors. You’ll need to think about these factors as a package if you’re going to get an accurate number to list your business for. Once you decide to sell, figuring out how much to list your technology business for is a huge decision and it’s important to get it right.


One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when assessing the value of any business is forgetting to take the market into account. Fortunately, when living in Las Vegas, there’s a booming market for almost any type of business. With the rising economy and wide range of businesses available, you should be able to get an approximate idea of what similar businesses are selling for. It’s important to remember that the market works as a guideline, and just because other businesses are selling for, say, a million dollars, doesn’t mean that yours will.


Take note of the competition and then take a step back. What does your technology business offer that others don’t? Is it innovation? A steady customer supply? Affordable resources? These are all things that must be considered when you’re assessing your business’ value. Unlike other businesses that rely solely on income sheets and checks and balances, your business offers the unique asset of a place in a booming industry with plenty of room to grow.


Looking at your checks and balances is also important, and should not be pushed to the side. Knowing where your company stands is important when evaluating an asking price. Have you had a successful few years? If so, consider that when building out your price. If you can see that a similar business has been on the market for a few months at $750,000 (for example), but yours has historically turned a higher profit, you know you can value higher.


Have you recently invested in anything that’s directly related to your business? Maybe it’s new gear, the latest in a program crucial to your business’ success? If so, that’s something to consider in your valuation. Consider all the advancements you’ve put in place that are helping make your business a success. These are all things that buyers are looking for when they search for a technology business, and are something that you should definitely factor in and include with the listings.


As you can see, valuating your business depends on a wide variety of factors. It’s usually easiest to leave the guesswork out of the equation and bring in an expert. We’ve got the tools that will make selling your business an easy and painless process, and we’ll make sure that you turn a profit.

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