What it Means to Buy a Business with Clean Energy

Making the choice to buy a business is a huge life step that often can come with unforeseen challenges.  Choosing to buy a business from Schwartz Strategy and Valuation that already utilizes clean energy can greatly reduce the strain of implementing energy-saving processes at a later time, but even if you go with a more traditional energy usage up front, there are many ways to easily incorporate clean energy processes.


The time to purchase a business with clean energy could not be better. Our world population has grown at such a rapid rate that the stark reality of finite resources weighs heavy on many modern consumers minds and choosing to buy a ‘green’, or clean energy, business can provide a great PR boost to your company. Demand for clean energy has skyrocketed in recent years, and consumers have been shown to prefer a company that cares for its energy usage over one who remains stuck in the past. Public interest in clean energy has caused the market to rise, making a variety of cost-effective options easily accessible to both large and small businesses. A growing sophistication amongst renewable energy advocates has lead to affordable, wider choices in energy suppliers. Often clean energy suppliers will gain a market advantage by offering long-term fixed prices that, unlike fossil fuels, are not affected by price volatility.


Buying a business that utilizes clean energy is about more than simply having a great new marketing tool. Renewable Energy Certificates, also known as RECs, are provided to companies who regularly use clean energy strategies. The concept of RECs is simple: making sure that you, the company, gets credit for making eco-friendly decisions. Specific credit information is hugely variable by geographic region as well as by industry, but everything from a simple solar panel used to power your personal office to an entire solar farm powering a factory is eligible for a REC. Receiving that credit can be a great boost to the end of year finances for your new business, but the savings will not stop there; on average, Nevada businesses that have invested in clean energy have seen a ten to one return on investment.


In general, to buy a business with clean energy means to buy a business that provides an excellent return on investment, is great for creating eco-friendly marketing strategies, and is a perfect way to add organic PR to your portfolio. Buying a clean energy business from Schwartz Strategy and Valuation will launch you into a position where saving money and bringing in revenue has never been easier.





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