For the first time, I understand the drivers of value within the business. Thank you for taking the time to explain it in a way that makes sense. Now I know where to focus my energy and time to make the biggest impact on the shop’s value to potential buyers. I feel so much more in control.

Rose Jimenez
, Rose Interiors

When I was approached to sell my business, I didn’t have a checklist and I surely didn’t know how to calculate a value. I also didn’t appreciate that there could and would be many offers, beyond the one I was initially approached with. Jamie walked me through the process of valuing my business, and answered every question. She also made the wise recommendation that I wait to sell, until I met two key goals that would multiply the value of my company. That advice paid off. I thank my accountant regularly for connecting me with the real deal in business advisors.

Dennis Brooks
, Brooks Partners

Having representation was the most important factor in this purchase. With Chimera (Tuscany Golf Club), I insisted on finding representation from the very beginning, despite being advised by the selling broker that I did not need to have it. Without having hired Jamie Schwartz and the First Federal Realty, DeSimone team for this purchase, I can honestly say that I would have struggled terribly to get the purchase accomplished.

Thomas Burke
CEO, TCompanies

Thank you so much for all you were able to accomplish in so short a time. You made the entire process so easy for me. You have my most sincere gratitude and respect.

Dr. Glenn Park
, Courtyard Animal Hospital


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