Valuation Analysis, Insight, and Measurement Services
for Sports & Entertainment Rights-holders, Sponsors, and Investors


Measure what matters to you! Measuring ‘outcomes’ – what a sponsor actually produced with the target audience, rather than ‘output’ – what a sponsor received or did is the key to meaningful data. We take this analysis one step further to tie it back to sales and profit.

Protect your budget by measuring the value of the sponsorship

  • Many marketers do not gather, analyze or use any data at all in their sponsorship decision-making, choosing to work on gut instinct alone.
  • Of those that utilize some form of measurement, less than half use a standardized process for sponsorship measurement.
  • When measuring sponsorship value, many sponsors have difficulty isolating the impact of sponsorships from their other marketing intitives.
  • The need to validate sponsorship results has increased significantly recently, as this method of marketing becomes a growing portion of marketing budgets.
  • Effective measurement allows you to assess merit and make informed decisions.
  • Detailed data provides greater power to drive marketing dollars toward projects that meet the goals of the sponsor.


Assist rights-holders or sponsors to obtain more value from partnerships and deal structure.


Help rights-holders or sponsors analyze data to derive better financial results.


Analyze partnerships to determine fair market value for rights-holders, partners, sponsors, and investors.


Measure both tangible and intangible benefits employing tools to navigate the dynamic sponsorship landscape.


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